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KOCHKURS mit Sandra Hartmann * Samstag 28. November 2015 * 10.30 – 15.00 Uhr

mit Rezeptmappe. Gewürzmischungen selber machen, Curry, Garam Masala, Dukkah.
Gesundheitliche Aspekte der Ayurveda Küche
Menükombinationen für jeden Tag
Tipps für Berufstätige – leichte Umsetzung – bekömmliche & schnelle Gerichte
ungünstige Kombinationen vermeiden
Gewürzapotheke für zu Hause!

geeignet für alle mit Interesse an Kochen und wirklich leckerem Essen, Indien und Ayurveda
perfekte Ergänzung zu Yoga Praxis

EUR 98,- pro Person

! um rechtzeitige  Anmeldung wird gebeten, ab 3 Personen / Teilnehmerzahl ist begrenzt auf max. 8 Personen
Sandra Hartmann, Rasayana: www.rasayana.at
sowie Email an Nicola Sautner lotosyogini@gmail.com oder SMS 0699 / 19 72 99 91

Anderer Termin : Samstag, 19.09.2015 *  (Inhalt / Preis / Anmeldung wie oben angegeben)


Sommeraktion Nuad & Lomi

Ab sofort bis Ende August biete ich
NUAD (Yoga für Faulpelze) und LOMI LOMI NUI (Hawai’i läßt die Sonne in dir drin lachen)
um 10 € ermässigt zum Kennen lernen und wieder entdecken an.
Termine nach vorheriger Vereinbarung (Mo, Mi, Do, Fr, Sa) per SMS oder Tel. 0699 / 19 72 99 91
1 x 60 min. statt € 75,- um € 65,-
1x 90 min. statt € 95,- um € 85,-
10 x 60 Min. statt € 680,- um € 580,-
10 x 90 min. statt € 860,- um € 760,-

QI GONG Energy Boost

Für alle die sich kräftig mit prickelnder Energie füllen wollen und dies mit Leichtigkeit – QI GONG ist ideal für tiefe Entspannung & ein hohes Energie Niveau. Dies ist im Alltag spürbar!

QI GONG Energy Boost

15.00 – 17.30 Uhr

Beitrag: € 40,00 pro Person   (ohne MwSt. aufgrund Kleinunternehmerregelung)

Samstag, 03. Oktober / 07.  November  / 05. Dezember /  2015 –  & nach Vereinbarung !

Ort: Lotos Yoga Base




It was a time full of work with a lot more ahead of me. It was midnight, and I was tired. Rushing around I tripped over one leg and spread my other ankle. It felt like all my ligaments ripped right through. I fetched the Coolpack out of the refrigerator and used ice to reduce the swelling.
Being self employed meant I hobbled to and from work. For yoga practice I used support (cushions, blocs, belts) to ease the pain in my ankle. Day after day I put a little more weight on the injured side, stretched and moved it, always careful not to hurt it any more. Tiriang Mukha Eka Padasana, Virasana, Supta Virasana, Updog, Downdog and the transitions in and out helped a lot. Feet up, head down was release. It was a time during which I could not stay away from work and I did not. I worked every day and practiced yoga almost every day whenever possible. Slowly my ankle healed. Then I fell from a ladder.

Up on top of a ladder 4 meters high to the ground. I landed hard on my back. The moment I realised I could not alter or prevent the fall I let go. This thanks to some intense years of martial arts training – if you fight it the injury will be worse. It helped protecting my back and my head which I pulled in like we did in training.
After the fall I stood up continuing work. After work there was time for yoga, and I realised I was injured. It took me a week to be able to lift my head from the floor. Then a second week and many Matsyasanas to put some weight onto the head. It took me over two years to be able to do headstand again. I must have disconnected some nerves. For a long time I was not able to lift my legs up to headstand. I could feel the signal travelling through me and ending at my lower back. Similarly I had difficulties in twists and turns. Everything came back naturally after many months of yoga practice and recreation, doing nothing.
I am not my injury. Can I respect it? Do I love it? Can I cope with pain? Is acceptance possible?
I did tread carefully. I might have breathed more then ever before in my life, even if I lost Pranayama practice for a while. I loved my body, my muscles, my soul for not losing a day of work. Before the injuries it often felt out of place being sportive, very strong and independent. But not now, now it felt right, calm, supportive for the healing process.
As I felt a bit lopsided and had a lot of pain at a time I went to a sensational specialist for Craniosacral Osteopathy. In effect I felt being fragmented into 1000 pieces and by and by put together again within the following two weeks. Since then I feel more like myself.
I took time off work for 15 days with yoga and I feel more like myself.
I reduced my work load and I feel more…
in heart and soul do we love with respect?
love respect
respect love
equal does not mean the same
more like balanced equally or equally balanced
is the essence known?

For the first time after more than two years I lift up straight legs into headstand – my nerves finally healed and reconnected. I smile all the time and practice is so much fun.
Right after the injury I was angry just because it happened – and it hurt! Disappointed because months of practice and refinement seemed destroyed. I was back at the beginning. I was hurt, tried to kill the pain with work and more work, ran, and found myself in rather interesting places…
Like the one with the brilliant astrologer reading my star charts. It was fun laughing out loud about me and my life. And proof again, everything is connected with everything, all beings connected, would not be so accurate otherwise, and it was accurate. But then he is very apt in astrology and in explanation. He told me to write about my experiences with injuries without hospitals. Don’t get me wrong. As soon as hospitals are places of healing and compassion I am in (if someone takes me there). I do avoid hospitals as places of money, dispair and a great deal of disrespect.
Last time in a hospital a doctor intended to put my whole arm in plaster for six weeks. I was confronted with a very angry human being whom I had woken in his sleep, but then – he was on duty. I declined his offer of putting me in plaster, needing my limbs free for work. The X-ray made clear no bad damage. That at least I found out. I came to the hospital one week after someone slammed the door of a car shut with my hand inbetween. Pain increased to an unbearable level and I wanted to be sure no severe damage was done.
Another incident with a dentist made me careful around doctors or in other words self conscious and aware of what was and is going on inside of me. After I told the dentist I had pain she told me she would cut the nerve of the tooth in the area and the pain would disappear. I declined as I wanted very much to keep my tooth and the nerve, and never went back. Later I found out by myself that the source of the pain was my ear spreading pain into the tooth area.
There is such a thing as the code of conduct, medical ethics and the modern form of the Hyppocratic oath. Seems like a lot of human beings forget or circumstep ethics (including medics).



KRIYAS – Yoga Reinigungs Techniken
für freie Atemwege, gesunden Stoffwechsel, glücklichen Magen/Darm,  saubere  Zunge etc.

PRANAYAMA – Yoga Atem Übungen
bringen tiefe Ruhe, echte Gelassenheit, großes Atemvolumen und damit hervorragende Versorgung des Körpers mit Sauerstoff, Blut, Lymphe, Nahrung, Ausscheidung (Entgiften), neue Zellen, bei regelmässiger Übung ein hohes Mass an Konzentration, gesteigertes Bewusstsein, tiefen Schlaf etc.

31. Januar 2015   KRIYAS   Samstag, 10-12.30 Jala Neti Uddiyana Bandha Kapalabhati Nadi Shodana
28. Februar 2015   PRANAYAMA „FEUER“   Samstag, 10-12.30

WORKSHOP (150 Minuten)
Beitrag: € 40,00 pro Person   (enthält keine MwSt. aufgrund Kleinunternehmerregelung)
Anmeldung ab sofort bis spätestens 1 Woche vor Termin (sms oder email)
Ort: Lotos Yoga Base



Lockern der Muskeln & Gelenke, Aufladen mit Qi (Energie), Tiefenentspannung, Bewegen und Atmen im Einklang, Stille bewusst erfahren. Geeignet für alle Altersstufen. Hervorragend als Vorbereitung für Yoga – bringt Schwung in Energieflüsse.



jede Woche / weekly
1180 Wien, Scheibenbergstrasse 53 _ Raum 3
Anmeldung     (sms) +43 (0) 699 19 72 99 91
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1 Monat € 60,00
3 Monate € 150,00
einzelne Einheiten € 20,00 (schnuppern)
(ohne MwSt. aufgrund Kleinunternehmerregelung)
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